About Log OS

Log OS is a batch file OS project that has a lot of advanced technologies built in.

Current features:

The main thing of the OS: logs

With advanced logging system, Log OS keeps track of how it is being used, shut down or hibernated.

Interface manager

Say good bye to old style keyboard-only interface! Now we allow you to launch applications using a mouse-controlled user interface. Simply run "setde im" in eCMD and restart to get started!

Advanced variable management

Never meet "Input too long" error again! Log OS regularly cleans up variables written into the memory. With that you can basically restart Log OS infinite times. Variables are also cleaned when system crashes or becomes unstable.

Easy to use user interface

Log OS offers creat usability and performance with its user interface. Easy to use menu interface can be used by anyone just with a few simple keystrokes. Advanced command line is also available.

True hibernation

Probably the first batch file that offers hibernation. Save your session and leave with the excact variables left from the last session.

A lot of built in apps and support for even more!

Log OS offers quite a bit of basic apps. It comes with the following: notepad, clock, document viewer, quick notes, settings app, ASCII viewer, wave sound player, file explorer and extended command prompt. It can also run any batch file or command inside of itself.

Even more to explore with!

Log OS also comes with more features that you can explore and mess around with. You can also find a few easter eggs inside of Log OS.

Note: Features may vary depending on the edition of Log OS

Log OS project was made in Estonia.


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